Total distance: 961 Meters
Time: 15:30 to 16:40 | 1h10min
Streets walked: Klybeckstrasse, Kleinhüningerstrasse, Altrheinweg
Photographs: 257
Videos: 1

I started Monday mid afternoon at the tram stop CIBA. It was very cold, but sunny, with a black sky that changed the color of the buildings. I did not have a plan for this walk. It was my first attempt at developing a method to research the space and my intention was to investigate on site and then make a plan to organize the research in response to the thesis questions. I began to walk though the space and I tried to concentrate on what I was seeing. I was not really clear on how to proceed and what exactly I was supposed to do. I ended up taking a lot of pictures, I tried to focus in on anything that interested me without overthinking. I also stopped and sketched a lot. I began to notice how it ‘felt’ to walk through the space, how many things I could look at and how things changed constantly. I became aware of my own thoughts layering over top of the images I was seeing. I began to question if it was possible to separate my own experience of the space and to objectively make images that could describe the experience. I also began to wonder how an image could communicate the many things that were happening at once in the space.

︎Map of Walk + Image Captures

As I walked and moved I discovered interesting and unexpected things. Homemade furniture added to the street for everyone to use, unusual decorations in the entrance halls of the apartment complexes. A theater, a club, a bike repair shop all tucked into the buildings I was walking past. I noticed the way the shadows moved up the buildings as I walked forward and back. I also became aware of the reflections of the sky, the other buildings and myself in the windows and cars on the street. I found plant material forcing its way out in every little space possible. Buildings from completely different eras juxtapositioned one beside the other. I walked to the end of Klybeckerstrasse and then stopped where the train tracks signaled the end of the neighborhood. I filmed a bit here as I wanted to capture the sound of the freight train that was passing. 

I sketched quite a bit during this walk, and also did more sketches after from the photography. These sketches are archived on this page as well. Finally, in this walk I did not write any narrative or thoughts as I walked.  
    Ultimately, this walk was about gathering as much material as possible in the hopes that the path forward would become abvious to me in the images. In many ways, the path forward did become obvious and that was that walking and being immersed in the space was the way forward. I elaborate further on this in the intro to this section [WALKING]

[You can learn more about walking as a research or creative method in the OTHER STUFF section].



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