This website is a part of a Masters in Visual Communication and Iconic Research which uses practice-based research to investigate ways to visually represent an urban community or space. The project will encompass three main paths - Walking, Seeing and Exploring - that will intersect and overlap over the course of the study.This is currently an ongoing, fluid study with open boundaries and the texts and concepts presented below and throughout this website will be modified, updated, corrected, deleted or elevated as the process evolves, new paths emerge and focus becomes more evident.

Tammy Demelier is a Canadian-American multi-disciplinary designer who received her undergraduate degree in Visual Communication from the Alberta College of Art and Design. (1987, 2017) She has worked extensively as an Art and Creative Director in the fields of editorial design, exhibit design and graphic design moving between Paris, Montreal, USA and Switzerland. She is currently based in Switzerland and considering future explorations.

A very special thank you to my mentors Dr. Paloma Lopez, Dr. Aylin Yidirim Tschoepe and Jiri Oplatek for their support and direction and also to my summer research assistant Josselin Demelier, [portfolio] whose research, video and screenprinting skillls were an intregal part of the success of this project. Thank you as well to Alice Fada for the beautiful photographs of the exhibition.


This urban space that we are immersed in daily often remains unseen and unnoticed, the routine of the everyday dulling our senses. Consequently, we become increasingly reliant on outside images to define this experience, and these images, with commercial and social motivations, often distort our visual idea of urban space. This research explores from a theoretical and practical manner the question:

How can images visualize an urban space?

Following the direction of the poets, philosophers and artists who have used walking as a means of discovery, this research will use walking both physically and virtually as a research method and philosophical base.
    This act of walking reveals the difficulty of visualizing urban space. Perception of the space is dependent on bodily sensations and movement at each moment, as well as what we choose to focus our gaze on, and finally, layering in mind of previous experiences, physical and virtual. Visualizing the complexity of the experience requires images that reflect the real as well as the non-visible sensorial and atmospheric qualities of urban space.
Looking specifically at ideas of; movement and time; peripheral and multi-perspective; and atmosphere, a series of visual experiments were made which show, each in their manner, that which is not visible. Finally, the poetic image is explored as a method of showing the atmospheric qualities of urban space and to provoke imaginative images in the minds of the viewers, suggesting new methods of visualizing and communicating urban communities. 


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Practice-Based Thesis:
Master of Arts in Visual Communication and Iconic Research
Visual Communication Institute
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