Total distance: 1380 Meters
Time: 13:45 to 14:40 | 55 minStreets walked: Holderstasse, Kleinhüningerstrasse, Inselstrasse, Gärtnerstrasse, WeisendammPhotographs: 314
Videos: 0
Objects gathered: 7

This walk was done one week after the first walk. In that time, I had decided to use walking, specifically, ‘dérive’ as my primary research method. Consequently, this walk followed the parameters of the dérive, with no agenda other than to explore in a alert and creative way and to embrace the unexpected. During this walk I took many photographs and did a few sketches. There is no narration for this walk, I was very focused on image gathering and wanted to let the images tell the story. 

︎Map of Walk + Image Captures


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